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Earn $BETS

There are several ways to get $BETS without buying it on the exchange. We would like to introduce these ways to you here!

Liquidity Provision

You want to earn money passively and also support our project? Then become a Liquidity Provider on QuickSwap!
You provide the liquidity and get 0.25% of all trades that are made with your liquidity!
You can get your liquidity out again at any time so that you have no risk at all!

Step 1: Go to the QuickSwap official site and select the pool section!

Cryptobets pool

Step 2: On the pool page select "V2"!

Cryptobets liquidity pool

Step 3: You select Matic and the $BETS token and set how much liquidity you want to contribute!

CryptoBets Liquidity


Proof of Ads is our main system how we bring new users to our network!
Anyone can upload videos about our Project CryptoBets to the social media platform of their choice and then get paid in $BETS per view!
You can find more information at:

Advertisement to finance our project: