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Simple, decentrailized CryptoProject
on the Polygon Blockchain!

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$BETS is the official cryptocurrency of our CryptoProject! The cryptocurrency is used to mint the NFTs as well as for the HolderReward or AdReward! There are currently 50 million $BETS in circulation! However, this number will decrease over time due to various planned Burning Events! In the first year of the publication of the cryptocurrency, there are said to be around 4 burning events in which 10 milion $BETS are wiped out! In total there is a 5% transaction fee which is broken down as follows:

Cryptobets fees

$Bets Profile:

Name: CryptoBets
Symbol: BETS
Supply: 50.000.000
Blockchain: Polygon
Fees: 5%
Contract: 0x638b1087879EF25E9f66eb4Ee1F67E08AE00107D

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Cryptobets can be seen on the following websites:

CryptoBets on Poocoin CryptoBets on Dextools CryptoBets on Coinsniper Cryptobets on coinhunt Cryptobets on nomics Cryptobets on Blockspot