CryptoBets Whitepaper
CryptoBets is the name of our CryptoProject! CryptoBets was
originally just a small Discord community. Now it is a complete
and sophisticated CryptoProject. The name "CryptoBets" is an
inside joke and a copycat by the Reddit community
"WallStreetBets" which has been responsible for GameStop's
stock explosion in recent years.
Name: CryptoBets
Symbol: BETS
Supply: 50.000.000
Blockchain: Polygon
Fees: 5%
$BETS is the official cryptocurrency of our CryptoProject! The
cryptocurrency is used to mint the NFTs as well as for the
HolderReward or AdReward! There are currently 50 million $BETS
in circulation! However, this number will decrease over time due to
various planned Burning Events! In the first year of the publication
of the cryptocurrency, there are said to be around 4 burning
events in which 10 milion $BETS are wiped out! In total there is a
5% transaction fee which is broken down as follows:
CryptoBets NFTs
An important part of our project runs as NFTs just like our token
on the Polygon Blockchain. Our NFTs can be minted in our DApp
with $BETS tokens. The NFTs are used as a kind of power card
to give the owners special rights to functions in our ecosystem.
The prices of the NFTs vary depending on the specificity of the
function and the rarity of the NFT.
Proof of Ads is our main system how we bring new users to our
network! Anyone can upload videos about our Project
CryptoBets to the social media platform of their choice and
then get paid in $BETS per view!
Final Word
CryptoBets was created for fun and is a very risky investment!
Please only invest what you could lose!
Thank you and our community for reading this document!